KPS is anything but an off-the-shelf provider. Each one of our power stations is purpose built, utilising OEM equipment that is significantly modified and enhanced to be feature rich and adapted to suit the remote environment it will be operating in.

As a power station owner and operator, we build to a benchmark standard, not down to a price, ensuring superior reliability and performance.

With fuel consumption comprising around 85% of the cost of remote electricity supply, we understand that value for our customers is only created if we generate the best fuel efficiency in the industry.

We are so confident of this that we guarantee a minimum fuel efficiency rate under our standard electricity supply agreement. Should we ever breach this rate we will pay 100% of the extra cost to you. In this way your fuel consumption per kWh is capped.

Not only do we cap the fuel consumption rate, but we also strive to bring it down as low as possible as part of our industry-first fuel savings sharing mechanism.

We work on the basis that our reputation is only as good as our last job – therefore we must deliver exceptional performance on every project and for every client.

As a result, our world class remote power facilities give customers peace of mind that their operation is powered by uninterrupted low-cost electricity 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

At KPS we have always led the pack through our ongoing focus on innovation and technology. This extends across a range of fuel sources and technologies including:

We assume full responsibility

KPS provides a fully integrated turnkey service incorporating:

  • concept
  • equipment selection
  • design engineering
  • procurement
  • construction
  • commissioning
  • operation
  • maintenance

We simplify the complex undertaking of designing, building, operating and maintaining a remote power station into one managed process. We are your sole point of contact from beginning to end. From the moment we are engaged, we accept responsibility for delivering efficient and reliable electricity to you within the agreed time frame. Our entire process is conducted in-house, with minimal reliance on subcontractors.

Simplicity and Transparency | KPS Power Generation

Simplicity and Transparency

KPS has a simple, fully inclusive pricing mechanism. There are no hidden extras, no fine print. We do not charge anything until the first kWh of electricity is produced. We have a culture of keeping things simple for our customers and being open and honest at all times.

Owning the Risk | KPS Power Generation

Owning the Risk

Our build, own, operate model transfers the risks associated with electricity supply from customer to us. As a single-focussed power provider, we gladly accept and manage these risks, which include:

  • specification risk
  • design and construction risk
  • capital risk
  • operational risk
  • maintenance risk
  • fuel efficiency risk

Time and time again we have seen companies take financial and operational risk by owning and operating their own power stations. Typically, their EPC or EPCM contractor secures the construction work with price being a principle determinant of bid success.

It is therefore not in the contractor’s interest to increase their price by costing in such things as improving fuel efficiency, longevity and reliability above OEM standards. The owner of the power station then owns the risks associated with the finished product, which may have sub-optimal fuel efficiency, comprises off-the-shelf equipment and can be costly to operate and maintain.

By contrast, KPS provide a single interface for power throughout the entire life of the mine, reducing the risk, costs and time associated with having multiple contractors and advisers.

Guaranteed Performance & Highest Reliability | KPS Power Generation

Guaranteed Performance

KPS stands behind its fuel efficiency performance with a unique “share the gain, wear the pain” model. We guarantee that our power stations will not exceed an agreed upper limit fuel consumption rate per kWh. Should we ever breach this rate, we will pay 100% of the extra cost to you. We wear the pain.

Conversely, we are incentivised to bring the fuel consumption rate down below an agreed lower limit by sharing any gains that we realise with you. We share the gains.

Highest Reliability

We are invested when it comes to reliability and availability. If there is a failure, breakdown or outage it is our responsibility. We wear the expense of rectification – a costly exercise in remote locations. Therefore, it is not in our interest for unscheduled maintenance, outages and breakdowns to occur and we go to great lengths to ensure this does not happen. As an example of this, KPS guarantees and exceeds an “industry benchmark” 99.93% reliability across its entire power generation portfolio.