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Gas Infrastructure

KPS is known as an innovative business that has a history of adopting new technology as it becomes available or is needed by our clients.

To enable our clients to have a choice of various virtual pipeline LNG suppliers, KPS now offer fully engineered and certified LNG Storage and Regasification facilities under our scope of services.

We also offer the design, construction and operation of gas lateral pipelines to connect to major pipeline infrastructure.

Benefits to our clients of engaging with KPS for BOO of both the power station and the LNG plant / gas pipeline lateral include:

  • Western Australian based with a long history of delivering projects in remote mine site conditions featuring gas reticulation, piping, and pressure reduction facilities. The gas safety and regulatory requirements are also well known and understood.
  • Strong internal project management, engineering, construction management and commissioning capability mean minimal reliance on external service providers, in particular for the development of project design concepts, FEED and associated project delivery estimates and schedules;
  • In-house specialists deliver gas pipeline and facilities projects, providing KPS with a strong understanding of the regulatory requirements for projects of this nature.
  • The LNG Plant / Gas lateral and power station being under one BOO contract with one counter-party reduces risk to our clients.