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KPS is committed to developing innovative solutions to deliver reliable, cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable energy to our customers.

We are pioneers in trialling new technology and invest time and resources into research and development in collaboration with many of our suppliers. KPS have piloted new and often untested systems to help reduce the cost of power for our clients and their CO2 footprint.

Power Station Design | KPS Power Generation

Power Station Design

Each one of our power stations is purpose-built, utilising OEM equipment that is significantly modified and adapted to suit the demands of each remote operational environment, featuring:

  • Future-proofed and expandable by design
  • Redesigned and optimised cooling systems
  • Proprietary dual-fuel technology
  • Electro turbo compounding technology
  • Proprietary lubrication systems
  • Optimised air intakes
  • Optimised alternator design
  • High air flow engine hall design
  • Rapid mobilisation and demobilisation design
  • Low cost civil and concrete works.

Hybrid / Renewables | KPS Power Generation

Hybrid / Renewables

KPS has proven experience in developing, constructing, integrating, operating and optimising a hybrid energy solution in a mining environment, across multiple projects:

Sandfire Resources - DeGrussa Solar project

Our hybrid power station expertise was first developed in 2016 at Sandfire Resources’ DeGrussa Solar project; the largest diesel/solar/battery mine site power station in the world.

In total, KPS integrated 10.8MW of solar and 6MW of battery with 27MW of diesel generation. We overcame a series of technical and operating challenges to build a highly reliable and efficient operating hybrid power station.

Iluka Resources - Jacinth Ambrosia

Our hybrid power station at the Jacinth Ambrosia mine is a Diesel-Solar hybrid station complete with KPS’s proprietary Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology (ETC recovers waste heat energy from the exhaust of our reciprocating engines and converts it to electrical power). The Jacinth Ambrosia hybrid power station also features an expandable 3.4MWp bi-facial, single tracking solar system, providing the mine with low-cost and highly reliable power. Significantly, diesel consumption will reduce by ~2 million litres and CO2e will reduce by ~5500 tonnes annually.

Dual Fuel | KPS Power Generation

Dual Fuel

KPS’s proprietary dual fuel technology allows our engines to run on a combination of gas and diesel with up to an 80% gas substitution rate. Gas and diesel fuel flexibility has become commercially important in markets where fuel suppliers dominate and exposure to gas interruption risk exists.

This is relevant in the resources sector where electricity supply interruption can have a significant impact on equipment performance, resulting in significant financial implications for mine operations.

The installation of KPS Dual Fuel power generation can maximise the commercial opportunity for mine owners to negotiate competitively-priced fuel supply alternatives after mine production, and to mitigate fuel supply interruption risks.

Electric Turbo Compounding | KPS Power Generation

Electric Turbo Compounding

KPS’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology recovers waste heat energy from the exhaust of our reciprocating engines and converts it into free electrical power. This ensures that fuel is consumed as efficiently as possible and reduces emissions.